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Neu in der DJ-Promo: Fadi Awad & Ferry Van Hreen ft. Gunvor - Shake Shake

Fadi Awad  Ferry Van Hreen ft. Gunvor - Shake Shake

"Shake Shake" is simply a wonderful summer track from Fadi Awad & Ferry Van Hreen featuring Gunvor. It was released first in Fadi Awad's album "Take & Shake" and was played worldwide in many clubs and radios. It has been ranked among the top songs in one of US National Charts and in the US and International Breakout Charts... This summer the track is released in Germany, and Fadi Awad told in his latest press interview: "I love Germany, I've always did, and I'm so glad to release the track there! I thank in advance all the DJs, Radios, and Clubs who and that will be playing it and will support them too in every possible way!"

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