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Glidesonic - Energy

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Neu in der DJ-Promo: 2cats - The Buzzer EP

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2cats - The Buzzer EP"The Buzzer EP" von 2cats - neu in der DJ-Promotion.

2cats is a Tech-and Tribal-House project by Max Zierke, a 23-year old producer from southern Germany, who has never been afraid of incorporating influences from Progressive House and EDM into his tracks. “The Buzzer” is the anticipated follow up to his previous EPs “Relay” and “Jungle Drums” that have already proven themselves as dance floor fillers and got supported by the international DJ scene. The EP contains 4 tracks that once again underline the versatility of the project.

The lead single “The Buzzer” is an energy loaded Tech-House banger with a characteristic lead sound that was inspired by the squeaky noises of 2cats’s own cat. The rhythmic bassline supports the techy style of the production as claps and hi-hats cut through the silence like a knife though a block butter. In order to calm down animal’s rights activists, it has to be stated that during the production of this EP no animal was harmed.

“Rambada” sounds like a combination of Lambada and Rave. Crispy highs, hard hitting percussion and a driving bassline are the main characteristics of this Tribal-House treasure. The vocal saying “Don’t Stop what you’re doing, let’s keep it movin’” underlines smoothly the groove of the production and is meant to encourage party people all over the world to go wild.

“Make It Bounce” unites an uplifting build up, an energetic drop as well as a cinematic breakdown under one roof. The driving force behind this track is definitively the sequenced lead sound that is supported by heavy drumming and horns in the drop whereas strings and plucked guitars emphasize the melancholic side of the production. The perfect tool to tear down the club.

“Daydreamer” shows the calmer side of 2cats. Warm chords in combination with an analog sounding bassline and staccato strings create a worthy after hour track perfect for cooling down after a lively club night.


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Während meines Studiums gründeten wir 2008 die Dance-Charts. Als reine Musik-Promotion-Agentur gestartet, entwickelte sich die Plattform zu einem der größten Blogs und News-Portale für Dance-Musik in Deutschland. Als Chefredakteur heißt es täglich News recherchieren und Entscheidungen treffen. Neben der Tätigkeit für die Agentur bin ich regelmäßig als DJ in Clubs und Großraumdiskotheken unterwegs.

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