Music Promo: 'Nitoxic - Prison of Mind (EP)'
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Music Promo: 'Nitoxic - Prison of Mind (EP)'

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Nitoxic - Prison of Mind"Prison of Mind" von Nitoxic - neu in unserer Promo.

"Prison of mind" is the first collaboration of the artists Nicolai Masur and Tobias Striegel named "Nitoxic". With the track "Do what you want" on the new album, Nicolai Masur decided to leave his comfort zone, which is Melodic and Deep House. The track conveys a groovy and exciting mood with its electro elements - perfect for the dancefloor! In addition, all other tracks on this release convince with the melodic deep house atmosphere, already well-known from Nicolai. The main synth used at some of those tracks are the "Moog Little Phatty" in addition to some smaller synths, a sampler and plugins. Sequenzer for the production is Ableton Live. The first EP of "Nitoxic" is a big step for the independent label "Maheti Records".

They are looking forward to receive more electronic music from the new producer team in the near future. Biography Nitoxic: Nitoxic is a producer team, originated by the artists Nicolai Masur and Tobias Striegel. Both share the love to electronic music since years. That's why they decided to release some tracks in 2023 with their new artist name "Nitoxic". The music produced is usually melodic and deep house. But also electro house is one of their favourite music genre. In their own music studio, Nitoxic creates the beats with Ableton Live, some external synthesizers like a Moog Little Phatty and some sampler. The first release of Nicolai Masur und Tobias Striegel aka Nitoxic on Maheti Records was in November 2023. Maheti Records is quite excited about further projects of these two guys. Biography Nicolai Masur: Inspired by his brother and also a member of "Maheti Records", Nicolai Masur started producing electronic dance music in 2006.

To get familiar with the basics of producing, he first worked with many different programs and sequencers. In 2007 he changed to the Softwaresequencer "Abelton Live", in connection with external devices. In 2010, he published his first tracks with the label "Maheti Records" of which he is one of the co-founders. His productions are mostly of melodic nature, which is also reflected in his first publication "Deloives". Most of the time Masur relies on powerful surfaces and complex melodies. He also produces minimalistic tracks like "Dijeep" and "Heun likes deep" or chill-out sounds like "My Love".

In company with his brother Alexander Masur, he has sucessfully been mixing records in many different clubs and discos in the whole south of Germany since 2008. Nicolai Masur is one of the founders of the the independent label "Maheti Records". There he produces and publishes many kinds of electronic music with the other co-founders Christian Heun (Ton Konstruktion), Timo Hinzmann and Alexander Masur, as well as a lot of other artists, corresponding from all around the world.



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